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  • popsthebuilder, I've been sent here to tell you to join patrick jane's new forum. It's excellent and God's Truth asked me to have you go to: Theology Forums - Christian Message Boards

    Thanks so much. Have an excellent time!
    Sadly they would rather engage in pettiness, bickering and flame wars, instead of civil, rational and creative dialogue.
    Also please respond here to these posts by clicking on 'View Conversation',...then it takes us to our own dialogue page...then whatever you respond with will go to my profile page, so I KNOW if and when you respond. Thanks!
    Hi pops,...you need to go into your Private Messages and delete some messages from your inbox and sent folder, to make ROOM, since no one is able to send you an PM.
    I have been trying to pm you back but cannot since your pm box is full. You will need to delete some messages to make room for more.
    Hi pops,.....I was banned from the TRinity thread so I cant answer your response post. This forum is becoming more censored and ridiculous, I suspect its because my comment to 'Lon' and then he went to tattle on me to Sherman. Its a circus. You can copy and send your post to me if u like. And DO NOTE, I was banned improperly, and biasely...since I'm Unitarian too, and I have been contributing to the subject. I just had to set Lon in his place, since he's become the Gestapo around here.
    Hi pops :) - was just checking out your last posts, and saw the Trinity poll thread,....I haven't jumped in yet, since I've already had my own threads on 'historical Unitarian and Arian Christianity', and do often hold to a more Unitarian view, however, I as a more liberal eclectic also can accept conceptual models and a Christology extending quite beyond the usual traditional-orthodox vein. There is an even higher Trinity than the traditional-orthodox model, and that's what is called 'The Paradise Trinity' revealed in the Urantia Book....but this is another special study in itself, concerning the divine Hierarchy and nature of God in certain gradations and personality-expressions :) - 'God' is all that, and always MORE ;) - anyways,....look forward to some 'creative dialogue' and expanding our theological borders :surf:
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