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  • Hi P,..see my commentary here ? :) - are u familiar with the biblical Unitarian site? its a good resource for Unitarian basics at least. I of course being all-inclusive (to a degree lol) can expound and spin angles from within both schools,...since Jesus to me is the personification of 'God', revealing and representing 'God' both personal and non-personally,...because Spirit is infinite. I of course put my own fun little twists and metaphysical spins on things from a variety of schools,...but ultimately and universally the essence of reality exists in the nature of consciousness or LIFE itself. I am that :) God is All That IS....and more. In-joy!
    Lol, aumen bro...that was a slight 'typo'...when I'm typing on my kindle it has that 'grammar' corrector feature that changes words sometimes before I catch it :) I'm in better command when on my desktop ;)
    other than that, I haven't chimed into the ole Unitarian vs. Trinitarian debates, as those are 'old hat' and 'tedius' as you know. It is sufficient to know 'God' first as the source, essence of 'Being' itself,...then proceed numerically to His Oneness, then his multiplicity expressing thru-out creation,...for does He not fill heaven and earth? Man has sought to qualify, define, limit, contain 'God', hence our volumes of theology to no end. Anyways,...lest I toot too long lol.....lets enjoy the enjoy the journey :surf:
    Hello Brother... seems we have similar fates inreguard to our beliefs...

    :) Hi pierac ......nice to hear from you. Yes,...and loving every minute of it. I AM rather firm and confident in 'reality' itself, which is always ever omnipresently being All that It IS :) - u know I take this from the pure non-dual viewpoint of God's absolute Allness, here, NOW! I Am. - this declaration or rather recognition of one's own 'being' in 'God' is all I need to know. - whatever will or desires spring from this divine nature, are good and well, and lead me on to participating in co-creation. Such is the nature of the cosmos ;)
    You are my mentor in many ways friend.
    You have been blessed to bring truth to the blind.
    You can go into detail with scriptures, or you can give quick answers, but I am curious how your scriptural view makes sense of my questions. I think I have a generally good idea of your view on scripture, so even a quick answer could help. I admit I've only heard things taught a certain way, which is why I want to understand opposing views.
    Hey Paul

    If you have a chance, CS and I have been having a go at it re: Arianism - he believes in a pre-incarnate person and has a completely bizarre approach to defining what a man is. I am shocked.

    Can you check this thread out ("Primitive Chrisitanity"). Am I missing something???? Is he completely cuckoo here???


    We have a bit of thread on Phil 2 going - I havn't dug into this for YEARS so I am a little rusty. If you could be so kind as to drop an essay of yours into it, I would appreciate "much counsel"

    Truly,..."Agency" is important concept to understand. My view takes this way back further to the meta-source! - in which view of cosmos-currency....is what all beings, servers, angels, mediators serve AS. All creative beings made from God serve as expressors of Him, for there is no "other", - All is Spirit expressing in various modes, forms, aspects, personalities. The One Spirit is the Original eternal Infinite Being thru-out! I may go a bit too meta for some,....on the pure spirit-substance level,..but nice that some can at least glean a little 'truth' from these deeper insights.

    Most wonderful in our own case as well, is when we yield to the Spirit's power and presence, we become agents of God! What could be wondrous? Its is our joy and vocation. We are servers, ministers, conduits, vessels, mediators,...call it what you like.....God is the life, mind, spirit, substance of which we are the forms and dispensers. In Christ, we are His body, - in Spirit we are Christ. (head and body are One)
    Hi P,......not sure u checked out this post, the article link is great coverage. - the author is decidely Unitarian,...in the light of his study of the Divine Name! Since the Jewish Revelation is primally Unitarian, pure Mono-theism, this is solified eternally as it were in the revelation of "Ehyeh" (I Am). The I Am is a Pure Singularity of Being, a true Unity, an indivisible Oneness. Go here.

    As you know,...being the essentialist ;),...Since I see God as One, All....a trinity or even pantheon of gods/goddesses does not bother me, since there is only One Supreme Being, regardless. (yes, my Hindu and other spiritualist liberties). The One Creative Source of All Life however is absolutely fundamental, and essential to all relativity. The One creates, maintains and re-creates all! All is One Spirit. - your thoughts always welcome, just dont get too technical lol
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