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  • The question
    is this; what church, denomination, or belief system are
    you, or have you, been affiliated with?

    You'll do one of these;

    A) Ignore the question altogether?
    B) You'll give a vague answer?
    C) You'll become agitated?
    D) You'll say something like, "it's none of your business?"
    E) You'll change the subject?
    F) You'll get insulted?

    Which will you do? Surprise me and answer truthfully?

    Personally, when someone asks me this question, I give them
    full disclosure, happily. However, there's a trend on TOL whereas,
    posters don't like being honest about their religious background!
    Sometimes they're 'hiding' what they're associated with. I think
    it's because; they're afraid once posters know their background,
    they'll not take their opinions seriously?
    Yes, indeed.

    So with that in mind, and I John 3:1-2, all Christians should be called God?
    Dear Oatmeal, I answered one of your posts on the Trinity but fear it is buried,so
    I'm bringing it to you! :)

    QUOTE=oatmeal;4225321]Well done!

    Trins do not seem to be able to grasp the meanings of the word father and son as they relate to God and Jesus Christ.

    Jesus is never called "God the Son" in scripture, but is referred to as the son of God about 50 times in scripture.

    For any to assume that "son of God" = God is a giant leap away from truth.


    Isaac was the son of Abraham.

    Son of Abraham is not the identical person as Abraham

    Isaac is the father of Jacob, father of Jacob is not the identical person as Jacob.

    Jacob's name was changed to Israel

    And all his offspring were called ...

    Whoa wait...

    His name became Israel and his children since then have been called,

    Uhm, they've been, uh, they are, uhm,

    Oh what is their name?


    Oh yes...


    Thank you very much and may God flood your life with the light of greater understanding of His word.
    I have and will continue to do so.

    However, there are times that people simply do not perceive what is written.
    This is a public forum used for discussion! What if everyone
    decided to cut an paste thousands of Scriptures without any
    comments, intent, or purpose in mind? Why read those verses
    on a Laptop then? In such a case, you should shut down your
    Laptop, and go and read the Bible! You know what I mean?

    LA uses Scripture as a 'weapon' against those she hates!
    Therefore, in that context, why should I read "anything"
    she posts?
    Sorry it took me so long to realize you had asked me a question!

    About myself?

    I am 50.
    A family man, 2 boys, 1 girl.
    I work as a Linux System Engineer in North Carolina.
    I enjoy a rousing Bible based discussion - especially when it can stay friendly.
    I found my way here through a thread about Eternal Conscious Torment that prompted me to actually join the site.

    I believe in progressive revelation and questioning everything.
    In fact, recently I think this verse may have become one of my favorites:
    "It is the glory of God to conceal a matter; to search out a matter is the glory of kings." Proverbs 25:2
    If you aren't asking questions - then this verse means absolutely nothing to you.

    Your turn? :)
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