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  • Here's one without the white box around it. I made it with my Paint Program.

    I will pray for you...right now. :)
    Lord God of Heaven; Please lift my friends' spirit and her health and well-being in You. Bless this friend with an amazing day of grace and peace and contentment. Thank you Lord and we'll give you all the glory. In Jesus name I bless You and give thanks for all You are doing. Amen
    If you type "red white blue line drawn heart" into google images there are some great pics. Or, maybe Knight can retrieve your old avatar from the old boards?
    I'll look for your avatar on the web...if I find it, or one similar, I,ll PM it to you (the link anyway). :)
    Thanks for the comments on a poster who does get to me! I don't take her seriously but I do believe she does some damage on this forum. I'm beginning to think that Knight prefers these kinds of people?
    G'morn Sis!

    I see nothing has changed on the forum while I was away. But God is faithful that your heart is right with Him. I trust you are receiving from your new volumes and the CD is all set in your computer? Any questions you need answers to make it all come together I might be of help, please don't hesitate in the asking.

    Hope you have have a good day in Him.

    In Jesus,

    Dear Life, I am seriously considering my departure from this forum __in fact all forums. I have been on them for 20 yrs. and they are all the same.

    However, I am anxious for you to receive your O.C. volume and read of your joy when examining it. You know of course you will have to phone Logos to get everything up and running. I am assuming you are using there system? If not, I can recommend an inexpensive one you would enjoy. I don't know anyone who doesn't__It's "Wordsearch 10". I have the Thompson Chain Reference Library. (35.00) You can find it online under "Wordsearch9" to see what all is included.

    Lov'in Jesus,

    I am happy for you!

    Be sure to read his bio, "Abandoned to God". It will set the stage for all else.

    The man definitely had insight envied by many by not until after his death did it become more universally evident. Any preacher today, worth his salt, reads Chambers. He was indeed a man after God's own Heart. Just wait til you get into into reading, "Bringing Sons unto Glory"! In a word, Wow!

    Please keep in touch.
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