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  • Actually I caused the thing to freeze. Then I did it again. :) After that I stopped having any interest and some people and groups were gaming the system so it became a pretty meaningless number half the time. I was pleased that I made my mark without an alliance or people trying to pump the number, with a fairly wide and ideologically diverse group of people, conservatives, liberals, atheists, the faithful all finding enough in what I was doing to give a nod at one point or another.

    Rep was a big deal for a few years there. The old guard actively kept some down, bannings would cut rep in half, etc. I think my success changed that to some extent. And my noting what was being done to the system.
    Oh, chrys is mad at me for all sorts of reasons, beginning with my breaking the rep machine twice without a cadre/game of the system. That one stuck in his craw and then he found an issue (his blind allegiance to the Reps) to really hang onto and justify it. Then the inconsistency of his method and stances, like picking on people over orthodoxy while evidencing a striking departure from his own (see: reincarnation), etc. So while we have moments it's his internal issues that keep us on the outs... such is life.
    Okay. I'm in the ball park. That helps. :) What's the particular? I don't line up perfectly with any single denomination's party line. When it comes to the subject of free will I've been mulling. My inclination is to believe in choice and not to credit/conflate that choice with meritorious works, but the problem that presents is: how is it one man makes the better choice. And then we're right back in the middle of boasting...or were you thinking of another topic?
    I literally don't know what we're talking about. Which is why I did the "Wrangling on what, really?" I go in and out of threads and I'm on to the next one. You'd have to nudge/remind me if I'm not still in the middle of it. :eek: I'm about as in the moment as a human being can be when it comes to this place. Is this about free will?
    Wrangling on what, really? :idunno: I can't think of a single question anyone has ever asked me that I didn't go out of my way to answer, unless I didn't have the answer, in which case I'd tend to say that...the problem for me is how many people are dead certain for no apparent, convincing reason. And how many distortions are run up the flag pole about other people's positions as though they were objective truth.
    How are you doing? Is your healing completed? Life may change in an instant. I wish you the blessing of healing. Pat
    When I was a kid I misheard the first time someone mentioned the Assembly and I thought they said Assembly of Gods, which sounded positively Asgardian. I couldn't wait to get a Thor costume and join in...was I disappointed.
    :chuckle: I don't debate as much as I once did. These days I look to lighten things more than I do to interject gravity. There never seems to be a want of the grave and/or angry about.
    Thanks. And thank you for your earlier comment, I meant to answer that too. You have a loving heart, Jerusha.
    Jerusha, there's too much history with that one for me to agree with you even a little. Sorry. Sore subject, I don't care to discuss it any further but if you want you can take it to PM. Not here though, okay? Thanks.
    Please do not be angry with me. I think very highly of you and value your friendship here on TOL. I must have misunderstood something or posted to the wrong place? Sometimes I respond before I have read the whole context of a discussion. If I have hurt you I am sorry and shall be more careful in future. Pat
    Back for a bit of time. Travels and return have been well. Health is bit better, and I may have reached the max.
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