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  • :)

    I wasn't all that upset about it. I was getting kinda tired of Panther Mania around here anyway!

    I'm actually a little torn. I'd like to see Manning go out with a win, and I don't like how my Panthers showboat. But in the end, I will be rooting for the Panthers!
    I've been studying the Aerostich Roadcrafter one piece motorcylce protective suit online.
    Have you ever worn one?
    Re:rep: I struggled mightily not to write, "I was always taught to do what Simon says, but it's a good argument". I refrained. :eek: Good thread and a merry, merry, merry Christmas. :) (likely again as my memory is on a loop during the holidays)
    I may be getting old. It took me a while to realize what the initials stood for. :chuckle: Thanks. Nice to be strolling around the place for a bit. Merry Christmas, Heir. :cheers:
    Well....I was gonna' go to bed, but now I'm gonna' have to wait and see what you're going to say in th' trib thread. :)
    Thanks, for thinking 'bout me.
    I've been working a lot and not much left over for posting, though I do lurk here regularly.
    I'm fine.
    I hope you are!
    Lord bless!
    Darned good of you. :cheers: I try not to turn a sentence into a near exercise in Latin, but now and then, when I'm running with an idea...my wife will say, "Try that again at half speed and with more stops." :eek:
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