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  • Clefty, I literally cannot see you any longer. You will always have the last word. What I did see, from the front page, was your name as the last one to enter a comment on one of my threads. Unless another quotes you and I happen to see it. You'll always have the last word. There is no profit or God's glory in discussions between us. For me, a lost cause. I don't believe you can even return this message with you on ignore. My prayer is you keep reading your Bible and know Grace. -Lon
    hi clefty, will give this link a look over soon. My reservations on Paul are only provisional per some research I've done, and some of it is considerable. Otherwise, it depend on what context and grounds one is judging Paul in light of various biblical points. I agree with any universal truths Paul shares that correspond with truths shared elsewhere. Quibbles over minute details are best left for a specified thread :)
    What! really? Well that explains it then. I'll be looking out for new threads popping up with the familiar "Squeaky tone". Lol well that's good that he's just banned and not in hospital again at least. Because he said he was in hospital lately as you know and so I'm glad he's not sick.
    Hello Clefty, I've only been on here a short time but just wondering if it's strange not to hear from Squeaky for 2 days. I've never seen him go an hour without posting nvm 2 days!
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