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  • I like clicking my heels dear, but the question is....are you ready to face the music? :crackup: - all in good jest of course, more serious commentary asides, I'll take this as an opportunity to have a good laugh or two :)
    I would like to thank you for the update PPS. I can appreciate what you have been going through, and I am sorry for being a contributor to your turmoil....I think we can agree to bury the hatchet and be friends. Thanks!~ :)
    I'd like to ask your forgiveness. I spent years in bitter despite for wrong indoctrination into the faith that left me lost, and I approached my criticism in a manner that positioned me outside the perimeter of the Reformed tradition; and became caught up in whatever conflicts escalated from my challenges. In this process, I ended up affiliating with anti-Trinitarians who are outisde the faith in various ways. In the past year I've aligned myself rigidly with orthodoxy, and am soon pursuing a doctoral degree to present my doctrinal concerns within my dissertation for peer review within academia. My view of the minutiae is a minority view, and cannot be valid until reviewed by a cross-section of leadership; from whom I anticipate both correction and acceptance. Until such time, I affirm that the historical Trinity doctrine is the best formulaic extant; and I stand vehemently against all forms and degrees of Sabellianism, Arianism, Unitarianism, and all other anathema formulaics.
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