Biden and his cackling VP should be horsewhipped for lying


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How long are lazy ignorant Americans going to allow the left to lie about American heroes and praise leftist enemies of the US? Have the corrupt leftists in America no shame or no brains or neither? The majority of American cops are not racist just because a tiny few are any more than most blacks are criminals because of so many blacks who are or that the majority of whites are racists just because a few are.

Trump was impeached by crooked democrats who were enraged when he brought up the Biden corruption in Ukraine and Trump was slandered for talking dirty with male friends while the left completely overlooked/covered up the crimes of rape committed by men like Joe Biden and Bill Clinton.

Biden has created a massive humanitarian and health crisis at the Border and his cackling hen VP simply makes matters worse by supporting the policies that created the disaster in the first place. But they both are without excuse for lying about American border control agents in a wicked effort to shift the blame for this crisis on them. Shame on our illegitimate democrat leadership and their shameful lying, corruption, and horrible policies.

An Associated Press journalist who witnessed the interaction between mounted Border Patrol agents and migrants in Del Rio, Texas, released video on Friday further debunking the lie that Border Patrol agents "whipped" migrants.

What does the video show?

The footage, captured by Associated Press journalist Sarah Blake Morgan, shows that mounted Border Patrol agents did not use ropes, lassos, whips, or any other device against migrants.

ok doser

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Border patrol agents, who fall under the control of the executive branch, are absolutely furious about this.