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Color Me Isaiah
Posted on August 7, 2022
If you were wondering whether to laugh or cry, listen in this week. We can help.

Get a load of professional stripper and part time mother Brooke Shields’ take on getting old but never really growing up, full time father and part time football coach Jim Harbaugh’s take on letting innocent children live, (even if it’s at his house), and the unhappy mom and dad out of Chicago, who for the sake of their apparently “unalienable right” to happiness – got their divorce, but it cost their daughter her sanity.

We survey the landscape from victims who deserve to be heard, (and then corrected when they insult God regarding vengeance and the death penalty), to life saving neonatal surgery, to a scrum of normal Rugby players in Australia who won’t bend the knee to the homo-fascist tyrants.

Find out why the Pro-Family Industry needs to be retired unless they oppose the government sodomizing marriage. And how even Ron DeSantis, (America’s premier RE-publican), does not remember that child molesters, and child mutilators deserve criminal prosecution, (not civil litigation).

In Holland, Canada and Ireland the tyrants emboldened by the lockdowns are going for the jugular of liberty against the farmers, (and John Hickenlooper is not afraid to subtly threaten a death march if everybody doesn’t get in line).

the “pro-life” industry not only sacrificed the Right to Life on the alter of overturning Roe; now they’re political figureheads are offended when asked to publicly consider if there ever was such a thing!

Anti-Lockdown prophets Artur and Dawid Pawlowski won some money back in Canada, but without justice or an apology, and the same tyrants who locked them up, and are preparing the death march tell us they may have to blot out the sun if all those unenlightened normals won’t stop it with the global warming.

All that plus one more pronouncement against the Supreme Court in light of their dismissing the Right to Life, and some belated contrition from at least one of us who really should have known better…