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    Blue's Clues on Homos in Twos: The Pope would be Proud!

    My son was too old for it when it aired. My husband and I had a friend staying with the family who had a small daughter. She would watch Blue's Clues. What I saw of it seemed okay.
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    Blue's Clues on Homos in Twos: The Pope would be Proud!

    Disgusting. This is why I don't have cable..
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    Brain Dead Girl changes pledge of Allegiance

    That's about the size of it.
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    Brain Dead Girl changes pledge of Allegiance

    Truly brain dead. Student says 'One Nation, under Allah'
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    Hooray For Pedophilia!

    ? Yuk
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    Huge UFO news!

    I have had autocorrect ruin countless numbers of my posts.
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    Abortion restriction against right to own body

    The abortion argument is born out of selfishness. The disease that plagues modern society is selfishness "Me first"
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    During the ceasefire, Bob asks, How much should we love Israel?

    There is something very wrong with the recent resurgence of antisemitism in Christian circles. My church, instead, supports a missionary that evangelizes Jews.
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    Black Lives Matter exposed as a sham

    This does not surprise me. They don't care a lick about Blacks. It's just a scam.
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    Cussing/swearing a sign of low IQ?

    Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves. - Matthew 10:16 Unintelligence is not an attribute that Christ wants us to have.
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    Another tally of anti-trinitarian threads

    I did some cleanup to remove troublemakers from this thread.
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    Bob Puts BEL in QAnon Sights - Jan 13, 2021

    QAnon's stuff has not panned out, which shows who ever this individual or group of individuals are, they are just plain wrong.
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    Greeting in the name of Jesus Christ

    Welcome aboard Warren. It has become apparent that you are legit, so I went ahead and bumped you up to registered plus. :)
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    Diving deep..

    Diving deep..
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    With Respect: A Plea for Fairness

    TOL is a lot more lenient than other sites out there, and Trump Gurl is even too much for TOL with her scathing polemics and bad faith dialog.