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    Defund the police advocates robbed while preaching defund the police dogma

    What have democrats done to this nation? By coddling for political purposes the unjustifiable black animosity towards cops in general, they have contributed to the worse yearly slaughter of innocent cops this nation has ever seen in its entire history. Democrats are demonic. One or two blacks...
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    More evidence of systemic racism against blacks?

    To some, Darry Brooks is not a terrorist murderer but a poor victim of attacks by 'white-run media and law enforcement' for demonizing and dehumanizing him for 'accidentally' killing some people standing in the street in the way of his car. Such is the mindset behind modern CRT ideology...
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    End of Roe Vs Wade?

    We don't need child labor laws to stop child abuse. Child labor laws have stopped the apprenticeship training of young workers and turned millions of unemployable teens into the streets to commit crimes for money they cannot earn legally because of Marxist child labor laws.
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    Huge UFO news!

    I know how democrats like to increase wasteful pork spending and then try to blame the republicans.
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    Biden's Presidency will Effectively End on November 8, 2022

    Democrats are desperately searching for a viable candidate to run for president in 2024. Here are some of the possibilities:
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    Arizona move against officials who protect voter fraud

    Those who want Trump arrested and jailed for alleged violations of law he has not been shown to be guilty of are regularly frustrated by the lack of any forward movement against Trump by law enforcement. Those who want crooks like Hillary and a mob of DC democrats who committed illegal acts of...
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    31 Reasons To Reject The Jab

    Millions of Americans have been made aware of the scientific data and information related to coronavirus and vaccines, while democrats only trust quacks like Fauci to tell them what the science says, and quacks have been proven badly wrong on several points.
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    31 Reasons To Reject The Jab

    If you think old people with other health issues cannot be cured with medicines Herr Fascist Fauci has banned then you are ignorant of facts to the contrary. It seems it is never to late to treat a coronavirus case with Ivermectin. I'll bet that hospital administration is not happy. They ended...
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    Arizona move against officials who protect voter fraud

    I don't have to solve America's problems. Let Americans turn to God for healing the nation or let them go to hell...
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    31 Reasons To Reject The Jab

    If you get coronavirus before or after you get vaccinated then find out what Joe Rogan took to get well. Stay away from used drug salesmen like Fauci who are killing people with covid by refusing to condone medicines that can cure covid...
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    How safe are vaccines?

    God loves those who love God but He hates those who hatefully reject Him and work all manner of wickedness against God and civilization.
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    Arizona move against officials who protect voter fraud

    If proof is what we need to determine truth then we may both be failing. However, regardless of what either of us believes, the truth is still true and I have done enough study to be convinced of what the truth really is.
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    Arizona move against officials who protect voter fraud

    I don't see much evidence that you have done research to prove claims of voter fraud are inaccurate.
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    Want Proof of a Stolen Election?

    God knows who are His and who have made themselves His enemies. Humans cannot see into the hearts of men but they can judge fruit even though no man's judgment is infallible.
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    31 Reasons To Reject The Jab

    The Bible predicts certain events that will transpire as we approach the end of time. If God predicted something will happen then that will happen. Men, on the other hand are subject to error.