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    My bestest friend has just joined. Please welcome d3girl

    She's gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!! Inside and out. More inside. Here's a photo of her.
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    Question for Knight or someone that knows.

    :hammer::hammer: :hammer: I would have PMed this to Knight rather than doing it this way but am not allowed PMing. SINCE I CAN'T PM ANYONE NOR DO JUST ABOUT ANYTHING, I THOUGHT MAYBE I'D ASK WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON? I DONATED $100 ANONYMOUSLY THE OTHER DAY (BUT KNIGHT KNOWS I DONATED IT...
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    Sorry about the photobucket signature -

    Won't do that again. I hope I don't get an infraction by someone. I thought signature pics were allowed since it seems they're uploadable I found somewhere on your site. I erased all of the things on my sig about photobucket - being erased or not allowed. It's their icon saying it's been...
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    Brand spankin' new here

    I'm from WA state. :wazzup::the_wave: