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  1. death2impiety

    Online Prayer Requests

    Everyone could use a little prayer. This thread is for anyone who could use some. You need not be Christian or even a theist. If you aren't sure where to turn and could use a little prayer, please post your prayer requests here. I will spend time in prayer for each request. If you see a request...
  2. death2impiety

    Juniors Books has Homeschooling Materials!

    Check out Juniors Books to buy new and used Home school books. They have cheap resources for all grade levels! You'll also find plenty of children's books at Juniors Books! :)
  3. death2impiety

    BEL tours Greece!

    Enjoy a small portion of the pics I took in Greece! Greek album if that link doesn't work copy and paste:
  4. death2impiety

    Same old story..

    A friend of mine died yesterday. He was riding his motorcycle and was struck by a woman who ran a red light. The accident left him braindead and they promptly pulled the plug. I'm trying so hard to understand why any of you out there would believe that God ordained that something like this...
  5. death2impiety

    Knight and Zman one on one.

    Many good points all around fellas. I've got to say though, Zman you are doing backflips trying to justify and levitate your faith as supreme but your logic is off. It isn't that simple. This can easily be reverted back to fall of man. So, in your view, God got His way in causing the fall...
  6. death2impiety

    Moral and Christian Misconceptions

    I've been trying to "Do right and risk the consequences". This philosophy has caused me to loose quite a few friendships. Though I lament the loss, I know that this is simply the consequence of my desire to live for Truth! On to my point... I always hear non-believers say that they think...