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  1. Brother Vinny

    Welcome to the Dominic Enyart Show forum

    Does Dominic get as many adjectives as Bob got?
  2. Brother Vinny

    Are you Going to Heaven?

    Stopped reading at 'outway'.
  3. Brother Vinny

    More irrefutable evidences of widespread voter fraud

    Well, Webster wasn't a biologist, so
  4. Brother Vinny

    Why did Trump hire the Swamp to work for his administration?

    He wasn't a great President, but he's loads better than his successor.
  5. Brother Vinny

    Paul did not write Hebrews; we do not know who did

    Sorry for the grave-dig, and I too believe Paul wasn't the author, but it's possible (supposing he was the author) when Paul wrote 2 Thess, that it was true he'd used his name in all of his epistles up until that point in time. If Hebrews was written later by him, it doesn't make his statement...
  6. Brother Vinny

    Is this thing on?

    Is this thing on?
  7. Brother Vinny

    I'd just like to say...

    ... I'm glad this (virtual) place is still here.
  8. Brother Vinny

    Bob Enyart R.I.P.

    Godspeed, Bob. Your life and ministry had a lasting impact on me. You'll be missed.
  9. Brother Vinny

    Brother Vinny's Dank Meme Thread

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    ECT Just Leaving This Here

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    Calling Independent Baptists

    I'm looking in this thread to engage with Baptists. Not all of them, just Independent Baptists. The Baptist-successionalist, KJV-only, soul-winning type of Independent Baptist as embodied by Pastor Steven L. Anderson in the video below: I'd engage the Pastor Anderson himself were he to show...
  12. Brother Vinny

    Georney Through Genesis, Chapter One

    Familiarity with this chapter--via past attempts to read through the Bible in this and other versions, as well as through Bible studies and AiG articles--hasn't bred contempt, but it does make it a little more difficult to concentrate on what's being said. The common complaint of archaic...
  13. Brother Vinny

    Georney Through Genesis, Prelude

    I have accepted SaulToPaul's challenge to take a few months and read the King James Bible. Will start at the logical place, the beginning, and post my thoughts here, presuming I have any. May God bless this enterprise.
  14. Brother Vinny

    Things that Make Sense To Me

    Just throwing this thread in this here junk drawer area, because it'll include religion and politics at times, but sometimes neither. Thing number one incorporates both: #1 The critical eye you turn on others' religions should be equally turned on one's own. Case in point: A Christian...
  15. Brother Vinny

    Theology Club: For Jerry: Synthesis of Synoptic and Johannine Points-of-View

    Carrying over from another thread, I ceded Jerry, for the sake of argument, that he is correct in his interpretation of Johannine verses on soteriology. Jerry believes the saved-by-faith-without-works gospel was part of Jesus' earthly teachings. Allowing that (again, for the sake of argument...
  16. Brother Vinny

    ECT Help for the Theologically Homeless

    Hello, all. As with all things here, this will likely evolve into a debate (and maybe that's a good thing), but it is not my primary intention here. Without ado: I am looking for a home. I don't have time (nor does Knight have the bandwidth, I think) to chronicle my spiritual wanderings...
  17. Brother Vinny

    Writing My Testimony

    As part of a class I'm taking, I've been asked to write my testimony. Nothing brings up the inner voices accusing me of being a fraud like introspection.
  18. Brother Vinny

    The Finish Line

  19. Brother Vinny

    Post Tenebras Lux

    All I have written is straw.