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  1. Delmar

    Good bye Darrell Birkey

    My brother Darrell, long time producer of BEL and once and a while poster at TOL passed away this morning. I'm sure he will enjoy singing with the angels.
  2. Delmar

    Why do border crossings exsist?

    It seems to me that border crossings were created for a reason. When people come to the U.S. to seek asylum, how is it in any way controversial to insist that they use the crossing instead of sneaking over between checkpoints?
  3. Delmar

    Trump impeachment

    If you believe Donald Trump is not qualified to be president because he is an adulterous liar, I do agree. If you believe being an adulterous liar does not disqualify a President, but paying his bimbo to hide his adultery (with money that did not come from campaign funds) is a crime that...
  4. Delmar

    Health update

    Saw my urologist yesterday. He reviewed the results of my latest ct scan. Good news no cats. I am officially 5 years cancer free and have been released from further testing!
  5. Delmar


    As the nation heads for the abyss, I don't want even a phony conservative at the helm. Might as well do it under Hillary or Bernie.
  6. Delmar

    Against abortion and against person-hood?

    If you are against abortion and against person-hood please explain your position to me? If you believe an unborn baby has the "right to life" how could there ever be an exception to this right? Pro choice responses will be reported as spam!
  7. Delmar

    Trump calls Rubio a sweaty (Hispanic).

    How does he get away with this garbage?
  8. Delmar

    Delmar's POD 10-11-2015

    Today's Post of the Day goes to republicanchick in response to this... Post Of the Day! :first:
  9. Delmar

    Happy Birthday Sir Knight

    Happy Birthday Sir Knight My God bless you and keep you and all that jazz!
  10. Delmar

    What children deny

    Last night my wife opened her lip balm and it was empty. Mrs Delmar: "What happened to my lip balm?" Damion: "I didn't eat your makeup!" His denial seems a little too specific :think: Seemed like a good thread topic.
  11. Delmar

    What's been keeping me busy

    For about 5 years in the 90's I was pursuing a career in stand up comedy. I enjoyed enough success to know it was something I could do. I got hired to do weeks in a couple different professional comedy clubs, but never managed to make the jump to full time. !7 years ago realizing I was not...
  12. Delmar

    The sheriff is stepping down.

    I have come to the place where I feel like I have too many irons in the fire to do the job justice. This is not good bye, but I do need a break. Perhaps after a long rest Knight will consider taking me back, but that probably won't be while I still have my current day job. I love you guys. be...
  13. Delmar

    What is your view of hypnosis?

    What is your view of hypnosis?
  14. Delmar

    Delmar's POD 5-5-2015

    Post of the Day! :first:
  15. Delmar

    Instagram Twitter or Facebook?

    Instagram Twitter or Facebook? Which do you like better? Why?
  16. Delmar

    Reasons to attend a Christian comedy workshop

    Years ago when I was a single young man I did stand up comedy for about 5 years. A couple of months ago an old comedy buddy of mine found me on Facebook, told me he was doing a show at the Moose Lodge in the city where I live and invited me to open for him. Long story short, after a couple...
  17. Delmar

    Delmar's POD 3-29-15

    Simple and straight to the plain truth! Post of the Day! :first:
  18. Delmar

    ISP blocking Bob Enyart Live?

    I suspect that my internet provider is blocking For about a week I have not been able to sign on to the Bob Enyart website. I thought the site must have been down but yesterday I signed on at work and it came right up. So I got home and tried and still could not access the site from my...
  19. Delmar

    Open carry T shirt

    I want one.
  20. Delmar

    Android internet phone app?

    My cell phone gets horrible service in the building where I work but I also have an Android that I carry as a Wi Fi device. Has anyone here found a reliable internet phone an text app that they can recommend?