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  1. Maximeee

    Lessons in parenting

    When changing your baby, make sure there is a diaper underneath her at all times. Because if there isn't, she will poop all over the changing pad. And once you have that cleaned up (and still don't have a diaper under her butt!), she will pee all over the changing pad. The pee will run all over...
  2. Maximeee

    Maximeee's POTD 3-5-2008

    Clete always makes awesome posts :thumb: This is from the spanking thread.. :first:
  3. Maximeee

    Maximeee's SPOTD 11/1/08

    This one goes to Ask Mr. Religion: :first:
  4. Maximeee

    Maximeee's SPOTD 12/28/07

    This one goes to Knight! What a great example of classic truthsmack, and showing genuine love. Read more here...
  5. Maximeee

    Maximeee's SPOTD

    Minerva gets my POTD for this post. Especially the last part! :up: