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  1. chickenman

    Theology Club: Book of Life

    Desert Reign mentioned that he had some thoughts on my idea (about which I'm not dogmatic) that the subtitle of The Book of Life (Rev. 13:8; 17:8) is "of the Lamb Slain." So I'm starting this thread in case you (DR) are interested in sharing those thoughts. I'm interested in hearing them...
  2. chickenman

    Theology Club: The Basics

    For those who are new to any kind of understanding of MidActs Dispensationalism, I thought I'd go back to some basics and give a very basic overview of the position. This is taken from a thread I started a while THE BASICS I'll kick it off by stating that MidActs...
  3. chickenman

    Theology Club: Israel's required confession

    I made a long post in the Sincere Inquisitors thread not too long ago. It's here and posted below. I think it explains many things about where many of us Midacts'ers are coming from, including the confession spoken of by John. If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our...
  4. chickenman

    Theology Club: Small Talk

    Many of us have waited a long time for a thread like this. So glad to have it. I'm looking forward to participating. Randy
  5. chickenman

    For Sincere Inquisitors ONLY: MAD Explained

    GO AWAY Let me start by asking that troublemakers and opposers who are already convinced of themselves please refrain from posting in this thread. I would appreciate it if people like godrulz, andyc, cistercian, and others with similar agendas stay away. I'll respectfully ask that the...
  6. chickenman

    First attempt

    I've never blogged before. I'm so nervous. What if I write something that belongs more in a forum, email, or chat room, rather than a blog. This is a very disconcerting feeling. What if I accidentally type "CU L8Ter", or "KWIM"? Don't those belong in chat rooms? With so many different venues for...
  7. chickenman

    Howdy, from the Ark-La-Tex!

    I've been around Theology Online for years. I actually posted under a different name quite frequently in the early years around its inception. But I've not posted for a while until today on the "Are You Smarter Than a 6th Grader" thread. Hopefully I'll have time time to interact more. A...