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    Consider The People God Has Used:

    To work out His purposes for humanity? Gomer was a prostitute! Jacob was a lying, sneaky conniver. Joseph was an arrogant boastful self-impressed favored child. Of course there is David! Adulterer and murderer. God knows the hearts of His own. We do not! Therefore it behooves us to obey the Two...
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    When The Going Get's Tough?

    It is a trying thing to have a fiery temper. It ought only be employed to fight the good fight. But, mine gets away from me sometimes and then, the good that I would do is undermined. There are posters on TOL who seem intent on besmirching the name of those with whom they take issue. When one...
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    Let Us Share Compliments and Accolades With One Another

    I have been posting on TOL for many years now. Every once in a while it occurs to me how many dear friends I have here whose presence is meaningful to me. Old and dear friends like Town Heretic, Rusha, Ktoyou, Chrysostum, Anna, Quincy, Arthur, SaultoPaul, AMR have lent me an ear in time of...
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    Will Rogers/Donald Trump: Times Have Changed!

    Some quotes from Will Rogers who was a very popular humorist during the time of "The Great Depression": "There's no trick to being a humorist when you have the whole government working for you." and "This country has come to feel the same when Congress is in session as when the baby get's hold...
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    Blessings to All My Friends!

    I want to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year filled with joy and blessings! Over the years that I have spent dialoguing with you I have come to cherish our friendships. You have informed and enriched my life in countless ways!
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    "What Is Man....?"

    The Psalmist asks "What is man oh God that Thou art mindful of him?" I have often wondered, when confronted with the awful news of the day, "What is God, oh man that thou art so unmindful of Him?" A real man? My father was a real man. He was head of our house. He provided for us and protected...
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    Man's Nature vs Man's condition"?

    I'm restudying Revelation in preparation for a Bible Study. This is my least favorite book to study! I came across this idea of the paradox in which humankind finds itself in that God, because of His infinitude plus man's sinful condition, is unknowable to mankind yet life itself depends on...
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    Neg Rep Queens of TOL!

    We have some neg rep queens on TOL! They treat any disagreement with them as a personal attack by stupid, unenlightened fools who do not understand the Bible. And here I thought this was an open forum in which many views are encouraged so that not only is knowledge shared but the ability to...
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    "Deserve? Earn? Consequence?

    1. Deserve: Show qualities or conduct worthy of reward or punishment. 2. Earn: Obtain in return for labor or services; incur, as a reproach... 3. Consequence: The result or effect of an action or condition. No one deserves to be assaulted. When we freely engage in a...
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    2015 Thanksgiving today:

    For all of the wonderful friendships I have formed over the years here on TOL! I am also grateful to be an American and blessed to be a Christian! I have a many splendored family, good neighbors and a Church which I call home!:cheers:
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    ...and dozer takes over the board!

    The cancerous growth oozing over the forum once known as TOL is slowly eradicating any quality of mercy, forgiveness and Christian love which used to abound here, is becoming suffocating. I see that dozer and his familiar gorydays have set up stocks and manacles in a backroom with which to whip...
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    Dozer's Fixation on Rape!

    Does anyone else see a pattern here? This person will not let this topic go. He seems determined to find a scenario to justify rape? I call that the action of a pervert.:confused:
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    This Is, After All, A Theology Forum!

    How do you all feel about the vulgar comments made by some of our posters? I detest them! It casts a pall over the whole forum. Our goal here is to bring people to Christ whilst encouraging lively dialogue amongst those of all religious persuasions as well as those who are not persuaded! We have...
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    There But For The Grace Of God

    go I. When I see homeless people I pray for them and I pray for me. I have five children. Two of them are addicts. I pray for them and I pray for me because the line between addiction and self control is so fine. I have been very poor. For many years we lived on a budget that had pennies...
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    Irate Putin Threatens to Bomb Isis

    On Facebook Putin is shown threatening to go Nuclear on Isis. It is reported that he has warned civilians to get out of the territory. Could this possibly be true?
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    Isis Bomb Takes Down Plane?

    If this proves to be the case, what do you think Russian will do? Might this lead to World War Three?
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    "It's Just A Clock!"

    I wonder if Achmed whatshisname had sought entry to the White House with a suitcase containing a clock mechanism how far he would have gotten?
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    Louis Farrakhan: Liberals, Thoughts?

    This man has publicly called for Blacks to murder Whites and especially Police Officers. If a White leader did this same thing would he/she still be loose? This is unadulterated racism and it is already having an impact on race relations. What is the Liberal response to this?
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    The doggone squirrels clean out my bird feeders faster than I can afford to refill them! I'll have to glop Crisco on the poles again. They don't like that and it is pure delight to watch them try everything they can think of to climb the pole. First they start at the bottom and cannot get a...
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    Targeting Christians?

    The slaughterer at a Junior College in Oregon specifically targeted Christians. It was reported this morning that he asked students "What is your religion?" And shot them if they answered "Christian". It will be interesting to hear the follow up on this. Ten Christians shot dead. May they rest...