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  1. PKevman

    600,000 posts later....

    Well it's been over a year and I missed over 600,000 posts since my last visit on TOL. I know, absolutely reprehensible. Anyways, what all have I missed? Summary..... :D
  2. PKevman

    PastorKevin's SPOTD 6/11/08

    Cattyfan smacks a pervert hard with this: Short but sweet and to the point. "I'm an actual woman, not a pretend one." (Said to a transgendered freak of nature) Go Catty!!!! :up:
  3. PKevman

    PK Nutty POTD 2-9-08

    Nang with what I think might be one of the funniest conspiracy theories I've heard in a long time: :rotfl:
  4. PKevman

    PastorKevin's SPOTD 1/20/08

    The award for best post of the day goes hands down to Godsfreewill for THIS: SOURCE
  5. PKevman

    PastorKevin's Subscriber Posts of the Year!

    When the year began, I didn't envision making my own list of "Posts of the year". But a lot of posts won PK SPOTD's this year. So for fun and for kicks and for honoring great posts (and to warm everyone up for the real POTY awards) , I will now provide my FIRST ANNUAL: PK SUBSCRIBER POSTS OF...
  6. PKevman


    My SPOTD for the day goes to Knight for THIS in relation to the crossdresser Persephone teaching children. :first: Awesome post brother!
  7. PKevman

    Name FIVE TOL members off the top of your head!

    I thought the other thread had a decent concept just too difficult for anyone who'd been here for any period of time. So here we can just name FIVE TOL'ers the FIRST FIVE that come to our mind. Don't try to think about, it just type and post. :) Here are the first five I thought of: 1. Knight...
  8. PKevman

    PastorKevin's SPOTD 12-3-07

    It won a POTD, but was so good I'm giving it an SPOTD! Poly's great smacktabulous post: :first:
  9. PKevman

    PastorKevin's SPOTD 11-21-07

    Knight our ever-present Admin makes a great post! :first: CONTEXT
  10. PKevman

    PK SPOTD 11/10/07

    Today's SPOTD from me goes to Mystery for this declaration of truth: CONTEXT
  11. PKevman

    PastorKevin's SPOTD 10-28-07

    My SPOTD goes to Chatmaggot, for THIS very powerful post and a YouTube video that does a great job of exposing the wicked positions of Calvinism. Hats off to you Jason. This will easily be among my posts of the year. SOURCE
  12. PKevman

    PastorKevin's SPOTD 10/19/07

    Universalism is SO FALSE that even a Satanist recognizes it. Granite wins my SPOTD (yes you read it right Granite of all people) with THIS statement: :first: CONTEXT
  13. PKevman

    Is Universalism Biblical? PastorKevin&Silk Queen discuss

    Silk Queen and I have agreed to discuss the topic of Universalism in a One on One discussion. Silk Queen has said that she just wants to know the truth about Universalism and whether or not it is Biblical. I have found her in the past to be open to changing a view if it is not found to be a...
  14. PKevman

    PastorKevin's SPOTD 9/24/07

    The award today goes to Cattyfan for THIS gem: :first: CONTEXT
  15. PKevman

    Tragic statement of the day:

    Red77, when asked by Turbo this: Responded with this: How utterly disgusting! CONTEXT
  16. PKevman

    Open Theism Seminar with Bob Enyart!

    I just got my copy of the Bob Enyart OT seminar (held right here in Indianapolis). Let me just say that it is quite good. It was great to be there, but it is great to see it on DVD too. The video production is of extremely high quality I think, and I was duly impressed. I love the way the...
  17. PKevman

    PastorKevin SPOTD 9/10/07

    The award goes to Shadowmaid for THIS :first: PRAISE THE LORD for young people willing to do right! And praise the Lord for parents who are willing to teach them right! CONTEXT
  18. PKevman

    PastorKevin's SPOTD 8/20/07

    The award for today goes to a new member to our forum, who smacked some serious truth and wrote as great a first post as I have seen on here in my memory. Way to go TruthTrecker for this post: :first: CONTEXT
  19. PKevman

    PastorKevin's SPOTD 8/13/07

    The award goes to Knight for THIS: :first: CONTEXT
  20. PKevman

    Pastor Kevin's TRAGIC statements of the day

    CONTEXT And talking about his children's views on the Theory of Evolution, Barbarian says: CONTEXT How sad these quotes are!