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  1. Nick M

    Are you ready to take BLM violence seriously?

    Black man murders whites only. Oh, the news narrative is a "serial killer". Which is correct from a point of view. Just like the DC Sniper before him, and all the others I am going to post from BLM and Antifa. The 22-year-old man suspected of shooting five middle-aged white men since last year...
  2. Nick M

    Wiikileaks new reveal shows I am right, as always. Clinton paid RINOs to attack Trump

    Courtesy of giant sucker John Podesta who fell for simple fishing techniques. JB = Jeb Bush CF = Carly Fiorina (bimbo) JK = John Kasich HRC = Mrs Bill Clinton Click here, but the site has a lot of popups.
  3. Nick M

    I'm done with the NFL.

    I will not watch anything and will boycott your sponsors until you move away from the left side of the political isle. The evidence is now pouring out and the "victim" in the Zeke Elliot case explicit colluded to black mail him. It started with him dumping her. And her reply. I don't have...
  4. Nick M

    College Football 2017

    Alabama and Florida State play opening weekend. Michigan and Florida play opening weekend. Florida had to suspend 7 players. What a start. Just over 2 weeks to go.
  5. Nick M

    LIberal plows into crowd of liberals in Va

    A 20 year old Ohio "man" drove his car into a riot of liberals opposing liberals opposing the removal of Robert E Lee. The misdirection is astounding. Hitler is in fact, a liberal and a socialist. His name is James Alex Fields. Some might find the video disturbing. And liberals are speaking...
  6. Nick M

    The mark of the beast, and the RFID chip.

    It isn't taking the chip. It isn't the technology. It is the technology that the beast can use to demand loyalty.
  7. Nick M

    ECT Once Saved, Always Saved

    Salvation is moving from death to life. He who has died (with Christ) has been freed from sin.
  8. Nick M

    Trump reverses another Obama perversion, trannies out.

    Cross dressing faggots got to go. This needed to happen, not just because it is immoral, but because it hurts the fighting posture of our military.
  9. Nick M

    Chipotle is bad actually, rats

    I am not down with $7.00 rice burritos. I realize my take is wrong compared to the masses. And if things were not bad enough, rats are coming through. Some diners at a Dallas Chipotle Mexican Grill restaurant said their lunch was ruined by rodents falling from the ceiling on Tuesday. Patrons...
  10. Nick M

    Like California, Washington State will shed its biggest business in time. Seattle tax

    Before the state of Washington purges its businesses like California did with Toyota, Nestle, and others, Seattle itself will purge its more prominent citizens to the suburbs with a 2.25% tax on income, but only for those above 250,000. As if the residents won't relocate outside the tax zone...
  11. Nick M

    So it isn't just Hillary that leaked classified info, Comey himself did it.

    It doesn't get much juicier than the modern democratic party. Amazing. Him and Lynch are both in a lot of trouble. She interfered and talked about an ongoing investigation. She is looking at 5 to 10, if you haven't heard.
  12. Nick M

    Independence Day.

    Let's cherry pick a few tidbits on this glorious anniversary. He has excited domestic insurrections amongst us, and has endeavoured to bring on the inhabitants of our frontiers, the merciless Indian Savages, whose known rule of warfare, is an undistinguished destruction of all ages, sexes and...
  13. Nick M

    61% of Americans support a large tax cut.

    61% if Americans support a large tax cut. Read between the lines. When President Trump pushes through the tax cut that 61% of Americans support, guess how many Americans will vote for him? Not the illegals in California, NY and Illinois, Americans. Technically, it was 59% for Reagan, but you...
  14. Nick M

    Supreme Court temporarily bans muslims in six countries before full hearing...

    Trumps order is lawful, and constitutional. Which is a redundancy to say it is legal for the chief executive to execute the laws of the land. Full arguments in the fall. That is Obama saying he has legal authority to disobey the law.
  15. Nick M

    All Communist/Left Wing Revolutions have been violent.

    All leftists will go to hell. My evidence is they confess evil as good.
  16. Nick M

    EU Liberals already on board with islam...prosecuting the rape victim

    You can't make up their barbarism any more than they do for real. And tardly artie questions why there should be beatings of people for punishment. The rape victimis being charged with having a weapon when she used pepper spray to fight off the jihadist raper. A Danish teenager who was...
  17. Nick M

    Memorial Day

    Never forget what men did for you. This excludes the political left whom we have fought and others gave all against.
  18. Nick M

    Fox News increases its charge to the left

    And the ratings have plummeted. Good. Number 3 for the first time in 17 years. Move to the right, and get your ratings back.
  19. Nick M

    Fake New Tally Thread

    The Wikileaks source was internal to the DNC. Seth Rich is his name. Now we know why he was murdered. This is why the impeachment talk has evaporated nearly instantly. Aside from the racist members of the CBC. It is always funny to debunk the debukners on the left.