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  1. Brother Ducky

    Question for Madists.

    Perhaps I am interpreting things incorrectly, but it seems to me that at least some Madists have issues, if not outright contempt for a couple of things---sacraments and sanctification. And perhaps it is not just Madists, or all Madists, but at least some. Could I have your Biblical and/or...
  2. Brother Ducky

    What is the essence of "the Gospel?"

    There is a lot of posts and threads that use terms like "the Gospel" or "Paul's Gospel" or "the Gospel of Jesus." I understand and appreciate this overarching shorthand usage. But what is the sine qua non of these terms? What is/are the essential beliefs contained in the Gospel? And are there...
  3. Brother Ducky

    Covenant of Works

    Thoughts on the Covenant of Works. Who was/is involved? Started/ended? Real or not?
  4. Brother Ducky

    Sacraments and MADists

    Just looking for information/feedback here, not an argument. I have the impression that some/most/all MAD adherents do not use the traditional Protestant sacraments of Baptism and Communion. Is my impression correct? And if so, what is the theological under-girding of the position? Is there...
  5. Brother Ducky


    To what creeds and/or confessions do you subscribe? Or if none, why not?
  6. Brother Ducky

    ECT Regeneration before repentance?

    Lydia in Acts 16:14 makes a "decision for Christ" but only after there is a change in her heart done by God. I take this to indicate that regeneration preceeds repentance. How 'bout you?
  7. Brother Ducky

    In the jungle, the quiet jungle the Lion of Judah sleeps not.

    Howdy, New to the jungle, new to forums, not so new to planet earth. I was raised with little religious training of Jewish mother, Goy father. Some Unitarian Universalist church attendance. Now: Reformed, Trinitarian, Calvinistic, non-cessationist, Presuppostionalist, Creedal and...